Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2: 10 things to watch for...

1.     The Prince's Tale

Snape’s character took a major turn at the end of the sixth book and fans all over discussed, debated and fought over his loyalties for over two years before the truth was finally out. Alan Rickman’s “Always” is going to kick ass and is rumoured to be the best part of the final instalment.

2.    The good and, well,  the ugly

Harry made Avada Kedavra history even before he could speak or know what the word meant. Voldemort has failed at least 4 times to kill Harry Potter. Now, with the Elder Wand in his possession, the Dark Lord believes he is very close but what he doesn’t know is that his horcruxes’ secrets are no longer hidden from Harry and his trusted Ron and Hermione.
3.     A prankster dies

Fred, Lupin, Tonks, Nigel are some of the prominent causalities in the final battle. A Weasley was expected by many to snuff it in the end but when it turned out to be the lovable prankster, it was indeed a shock for the readers. Lupin and Tonks falling after the couple had just had a baby is another tragic end.

4.     Ron Hermione kiss and get together

This one’s brewing for so long even a ten year old can figure out that these two are deeply in love with each other.
Eagerly awaited by thousands, personally, I am hoping for this one to be spectacular and generate some major fireworks on screen.

Hope Yates is listening..

 5.     Gringotts - The wagon and the dragon?

The wagon ride is set to turn into one helluva roller coaster ride as the trio goes deep into the lairs of Gringotts to retrieve the hidden horcux.. And it just doesn’t stop there, as a breathtaking ..sorry.. fire-breathing Dragon awaits. I’m sure none of the trio have heard of “How to train your dragon”

6.     Not My Daughter, You Bitch!!

The ever sweet Molly Weasley turns bad—ass and her delivery of this line while killing off the menacing Bellatrix is rumoured to be epic. Another highly anticipated scene involves Professor McGonagall summoning the statue soldiers to protect Hogwarts.

7.     Voldemort killing Snape

No one can imagine the limits Voldemort can go to serve his interest. Snape stood in his way of being the master of the Elder wand and Voldemort coldly slits his throat. “I regret it “ is all he said in the book.

8.      Harry and Dumbledore at King's Cross

“It’s all in your head but that doesn’t stop it from being true.” Dumbledore from beyond the grave in a Gandalfish avatar.

9.     Nagini sequences

This one is just for the thrill. This snake gets a lot of screen time in this instalment and why not feel the movie makers. The audience is paying for the 3D right?


10.  The bittersweet epilogue

10 years and definitely more than 7 billion$ at the box office, the golden trio and the franchise says goodbye. This scene is expected to sum up the journey perfectly when life comes a full circle for Mr. Harry Potter, Mrs. Ginny Potter, Mr Ron Weasley and Mrs. Hermione Weasley.

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